iPV Tracker

“iPV Tracker has been tested and verified in field operations, delivered more than 99% availability from global case studies. Also, the internationally renowned consulting firm, Black and Veatch, has issued their technical due diligence report for the iPV Tracker. Thus, we can say the technology of iPV Tracker is really mature.” - Chairman of BIG SUN, Summer Luo

Producing up to 30-50% more energy*

iPV Tracker tracks the Sun precisely, regardless of the season or the time of day, it is able to maximize the amount of solar photovoltaic energy production.

Shown actual energy production comparison in Tainan area (latitude N 23.14 degrees) in 2014~2018

* The yield is location and system dependent.

iPV Tracker Energy Generation

Rising Cash Flow

The overall profit from iPV Tracker is much higher than the total investment costs. Therefore, it can provide a stable cash flow, its 20-year cumulative cash flow is much higher than those from fixed and single-axis systems*.

Depicted cumulative cash flow comparison.

* The result is location and system dependent.

iPV Tracker Cash Flow


iPV Tracker

iPV Tracker consists of uncomplicated components, which are easy to be maintained. Its mounting frame is able to accommodate most commercial modules. Integrated with iPVita monitoring system to get the real-time control, and enhance overall benefits. Also, iPV Tracker can be applied in different circumstances even in severe environments.

Easy Maintenance

iPV Tracker utilizes user-friendly design to lower component and O&M costs than other complex dual-axis solar trackers.

1.The universal joint is designed to rotate the module frame in two perpendicular directions.
2.The steel cables steer the module frame and also function as four anchor points.
3.The springs act as cushions for wind gusts.
4.The steel reels accurate tracing within ± 0.5°deviation.

iPV Tracker

Smart Control

iPVita web-based monitoring system provides real-time monitoring of power generation, environmental information, system status, fault notification, troubleshooting tracking, PR analysis, as well as remote control of iPV Tracker. It helps the iPV Tracker to be performed optimally.

iPVita Solar Monitoring

High Reliability

iPV Tracker can be used in different environments.

Wind Resistant
Wind Resistant

High wind loads automatically stow to horizontal position (safety mode).


iPV Tracker is programmed automatically to adjust to an optimal angle according to location, season and time of day, to prevent mutual shading.

Dust Removal
Dust Removal

iPV Tracker can be activated to rotate at a tilted angle to remove excessive dust.

Snow Removal
Snow Removal

Rotation at a tilted angle removes snow accumulation on the PV modules.

Flood Avoidance
Flood Avoidance

The main motors away from the ground and higher than 1.5M at least.

Flood Avoidance
Corrosion Resistant

Main bracket, Cable material : high standard processing, Hot-dpi galvanized 80μm;Parts : stainless steel,magnesium aluminum zinc,aluminum alloy.

Flood Avoidance
Light Pollution Avoidance

Using the iPVTracker rotation feature,the solar panel is always perpendicular to the sin's rays and will not reflect light damage.

Meeting the Needs

iPV Tracker can be applied as on-grid or stand-alone PV systems.


A grid-connected PV system consists of iPV Tracker is able to produce more energy throughout the day to gain more profits.

iPV Tracker On-Grid


iPV Tracker is able to make power production more constant throughout the day. In the morning and late afternoon, when electricity demand is high, power generation of iPV Tracker can meet commercial needs closely. The stand-alone system with batteries also provides a backup electricity supply.

iPV Tracker Stand-Alone


Fast option is offered to speed up installation.


Apply to deep water areas

The use of either on the ocean, lakes, lagoons, reservoirs, irrigation pools, wastewater treatment plants, dams and canals and other water bodies.


Apply to Special terrain

Wetlands, abandoned salt fields,
water space and other special conditions can be used.

H-Beam Base

Apply to ground-mount.
The Best Combination with Agriculture, Fishery, Carport

Slope terrain can be applied. Machine piling for shortest working hour need

Concrete -Foundation

(Square 方形 / Cross 十字)

Apply to ground-mount, roof-mount

Location to be flat (need to land preparation)
for more manpower and lead-time need

Driven Piling

(H-Steel Pile H型鋼樁 / Screw Pile 螺旋樁)

Apply to sloped ground

Micro-conditions can be applied.
Stability basement with Machine spiral piling and H-beam cross foundation.



iPV Tracker

Model T6012(T7210) T6024(T7221) T6040(T7232)
Loading Surface 20.5 m2 40.92 m2(42.92 m2) 40.92 m2
Module Capacity 12modules(10modules) 24modules(21modules) 40modules(32modules)
System Type On-Grid / Stand-Alone On-Grid / Stand-Alone On-Grid / Stand-Alone
Application Type Rooftop / Ground Rooftop / Ground / Agriculture / Carport Ground
Foundation H-Piles / Cross / Others H-Piles / Cross / Others H-Piles / Cross / Others
Azimuth Angle 360° 360° 360°
Tilt Angle 0° - 40° 0° - 40° 0° - 35°
Rotation Speed 1.25°/ 5 min. 1.25°/ 5 min. 1.25°/ 5 min.
Control Cable Drive Cable Drive Cable Drive
Motors (25 W / AC 220 V) x 2 (25 W / AC 220 V) x 2 (25 W / AC 220 V) x 2
Internal Power Consumption approx. 14 kWh/year approx. 14 kWh/year approx. 14 kWh/year
Wind Gust Resistance Operation Mode: ~87 km/h
Safety Mode: ~185 km/h
Operation Mode: ~87 km/h
Safety Mode: ~185 km/h
Operation Mode: ~52 km/h
Safety Mode: ~149 km/h
Main Material Steel (Hot Dip Galvanized) Steel (Hot Dip Galvanized) Steel (Hot Dip Galvanized)
Compliance Structure Design: ASCE07-10 Structure Design: ASCE07-10 Structure Design: ASCE07-10
Operating Temperature -40°C - 80°C -40°C - 80°C -40°C - 80°C
Height 2.46 m 3.6 m 3.9 m
Weight 430 kg 730 kg 950 kg(1000 kg)
Warranty 5 years for Tracker 5 years for Tracker 5 years for Tracker