iPV Tracker

iPV Tracker, the innovative cable-driven dual-axis solar tracking system, is able to convert the virtually unlimited solar energy to electricity for daily needs in the most economical and efficient way, and brings real benefits for our customers and to the environment.

Continuing high-power generation during harsh climate

When snow season comes, many fixed-type solar systems are covered with snow and cannot generate electricity at all. It requires more labor to remove the snow. On the contrary, with iPVTracker's initiative "Snow Removal" function featuring 360-degree rotation, you do not have to worry about the power generation benefit being affected. Learn more >>

iPV Tracker Energy Generation

Maximizing Output

iPV Tracker can rotate 1 degree every five minutes, features a full 360 degrees azimuth rotation and altitude tilt of -40 to 40 degrees. It is able to adjust the angle of the solar panel to follow the Sun precisely to make power production more constant throughout the day, and produces up to 30-50% than a fixed system.* Learn more >>

Shown actual energy production comparison in Xinjiang region (latitude N 42.78 degrees) in a single day in September.

* The yield is location and system dependent.

iPV Tracker Energy Generation

Easy Maintenance

This patented system consists primarily of a universal joint, high torque steel cables, pulleys, and springs, operated according to the controller algorithm. Compared to other complex dual-axis trackers, iPV Tracker is more reliable, with more affordable maintenance costs. Learn more >>

iPV Tracker Energy Generation

Optimizing GCR

iPV Tracker can be installed in various shapes of sites, and the controller algorithm also includes backtracking capability which allows optimization of the ground cover ratio. Learn more >>

iPV Tracker Energy Generation

iPV Tracker is capable of being utilized in several types of PV sites, which include ground-mount, roof-mount, agriculture, and carport, with either on-grid or off-grid systems.

iPV Tracker Roof-Mount

2 MW

Rooftop Cumulative Capacity

iPV Tracker Ground-Mount

10 MW

Ground-Mounted Cumulative Capacity

iPV Tracker Roof-Mount

3 MW

Agricultural Cumulative Capacity